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While storing and handling Artemis please ensure that the following are fully complied with :

  • Slabs should be stored vertically on a 150 angle with support at stop and bottom of the steel “A” frame.
  • Slabs must always be stored in a way that the polished surface is not exposed to the sun. It is necessary to store the slabs in a shaded area, and it is necessary to keep the last slab in each rack in a position in which the backside is facing out.
  • There should be no more than 20 slabs to each rack with the slabs face-to-face and back-to-back. Make sure the face is always protected and not touching the metal or the back of another slab, etc. Polished edges should be covered using blankets, carpet or any other type of quality padding for protection.
  • Storage temperatures should not exceed 129°F. Tarpaulins can be used to cover slabs stored under direct sunlight.
  • All racking should have a protective layer between the rack and the slabs. This will help to prevent scratching or other surface damage during storage or transit.
  • While transporting Artemis slabs please ensure that the following are fully complied with
  • Do not transport slabs horizontally and use proper “A” frames. The horizontal storage can put stress on the material and cause the material to break.
  • When suction cups or grips are being used, slab should be held low to the ground. Cut-out pieces should be braced to avoid flexing and should be placed at the top of the A-Frame to prevent bearing the load. Similarly laminated edges should be top loaded to avoid bearing the load.
  • The slabs should be strapped onto A-Frames to prevent flexing. Care should be taken to protect the straps from being damaged or cut by the edge of the slab.
  • Carts and dollies should be used when transporting Slab around the shop.
  • Preferred unloading route is using a forklift or other lifting device capable of handling the appropriate capacity without any body part being between it and the ground.
  • Gloves, Safety Shoes and Glass should be worn while handling Artemis.


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