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Artemis Porcelain 4.0

Manufactured in Italy, using cutting edge technology of the ceramics industry, por- celain changes its faces thanks to our new ARTEMIS PORCELAIN 4.0 range.
Each slab has a perfect look, featuring many different natural stone patterns meeting the needs of both contemporary design and classic taste.
The patterns on each slab has been selected with the utmost attention to render the true beauty of natural stone on the por- celain surface with a smooth background and rich and refined veining.

Starting with the classic and trendy colors available today, we will add to our range exciting colors every month with a look at the trend of the next seasons.
Our ARTEMIS PORCELAIN 4.0 range is available in large 324 cm by 163 cm slabs suitable for a wide range of applications and uses in the design of interiors.

Using advanced production processes, we can convey to the slabs an incredible sturdiness and resistance: each slab is com- pletely impermeable and scratch, heat and UV resistant.
At the same time ARTEMIS PORCELAIN 4.0 surfaces are completely safe for food contact and stainproof, making them an ideal choice for countertops and work surfaces.